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2024-05-22 Wednesday
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LC Short Boot Connector
LC Short Boot Connector

Product Name:

LC Short Boot Connector

Product Details

LC fiber optic connector

The LC connector has a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. with either a PC or APC end-face, and provides optimum insertion and return loss. The LC connector is used on small diameter mini-cordage 2.0mm as well as 3.0mm cable. LC Connectors are available in pre-assembled or kit (unassembled) formats. They feature self-adjusting panel latches and a choice of mounting orientations with labeled polarity. A choice of zirconia ceramic or phosphor bronze split sleeve is available.

The LC short boots has different length for option. It provides an ideal solution for the small space installation.


- Telecommunication
- Network
- Broadband

- One-half the size of current industry standards
- Increases panel density provides duplex connection in 50% less space
- Duplex fits RJ-45 footprint
- Available in SM,MM versions with super, Ultra and Angle APC polishing and different colors
- User-friendly audible latch to indicate proper mating
- Simplex and duplex version available
- Different housing and boot color are provided such as beige, green, aqua, yellow
- Angled LC boot and short boot are offered

- Insertion loss:
  0.20dB (SM)
  0.25dB (MM)
- Return loss: 55dB (PC)
- Fiber compatibility: 62.5/125μm/50/125μm multiple mode and 9/125μm single mode
- Boot size: 3.0, 2.0 or 0.9mm
- Connectors type: SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, LC, E2000, MU, and so on.