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2024-05-22 Wednesday
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MPO UPC Fiber Optic Connector
MPO UPC Fiber Optic Connector

Product Name:

MPO UPC Fiber Optic Connector

Product Details

MPO connector produced specially for multi-fiber ribbon cable, it use precision molded MT ferrules, together with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions ensure fiber alignment when mating, realize high density interconnection. Compact design available to 4,8,12,24 fiber ribbons, cable types include bare fiber ribbon and PVC jacket ruggedized ribbon. MPO pre-termination save time and reduce the risk of damage fragile optical connectors, the plug and play system is the perfect solution for today’s optical fiber installations. 


Precision molded MT ferrule
High precision guide pins for exact alignment
Compact design, up to 24 fiber ribbons
Male and female available
High density interconnection
Available for singlemode(angled) and multimode(flat) performance
Fiber type can be bare fiber ribbon and ruggedized ribbon
Operating Temperature: -40 to + 85°C 


Gigabit Ethernet
CATV and Multimedia
Active Device Interface
Premise installations
Optical Switch interframe connections
Interconnection for O/E modules
Telecommunication Networks
Industrial & Medical

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