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2021-10-28 Thursday
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Waterproof fiber pigtail
Waterproof fiber pigtailWaterproof fiber pigtail

Product Name:

Waterproof fiber pigtail

Product Details

Waterproof fiber pigtail/Patch cord can be used in harsh environment. It is mainly used in outdoor connection of the optical transmitter. Waterproof fiber pigtail is designed with a stainless steel strengthened waterproof unit and armored outdoor PE jacketed cables.
Waterproof fiber pigtails/Patch cord are widely used in data transmission network, typical types are with 2 fiber cores, 4 fiber cores or 8, 12 fiber cores. By adopting the special structure cables and connectors, these fiber cable assemblies are widely used in CATV and other applications.

Fiber core: 2, 4, 6, 8,12 optional
Waterproof features & reliable performance
Pull & erosion resistance, good grounding
Low insertion loss, high return loss, excellent exchange ability, high stability
The cable and pigtail is not moved when tighten the connection screw, which ensure the convenient construction. 

Data & Communication System
Connection for main fiber and optical receiver.


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