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2021-08-05 Thursday
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Add:3 Floor,Building A,Tangtou Industry Park,Shiyan Town,BaoAn District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

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Outdoor Wall mounting
Outdoor Wall mounting

Product Name:

Outdoor Wall mounting

Product Details

Product Features: 

GFU(05)B Fiber Optic Termination Box

GFU(05) series are available for small capacity communication system,wall mounting;The cabinet is composed of two parts,one links with optial cables for fusion connection between optical cable and fiber pigtail and another links with patch cord;Whole range protected design for fiber lay to ensure the bending radius=40mm.

 Type      Size(mm)  Net Weight  Packing Size Packing Weight  No./Carton(pcs)
GFU(05)B-24    455*405*80  6.50  500*450*490     27.50        4
   455*405*120  8.50  500*450*490     27.00        3

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