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2021-09-27 Monday
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Add:3 Floor,Building A,Tangtou Industry Park,Shiyan Town,BaoAn District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

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SMA 905 adaptor
SMA 905 adaptor

Product Name:

SMA 905 adaptor

Product Details

SMA uses a threaded interface. 50 Ω SMA connectors are semi-precision, subminiature units that provide excellent electrical performance from DC to 18 GHz. These high-performance connectors are compact in size and mechanically have outstanding durability. It can yield the best value in your microwave system. Among typical applications are components, such as dividers , mixers , amplifiers , trimmers and attenuators. SMA cinnectors are also used to provide interconnections from printed circuit board striplines to coaxial cable.

SMA is available both in Standard and Reverse Polarity.

Impedance  50Ω

Frequency range  12.4GHz For Flexile Cable , 18 GHz For Semi-Rigid Cable

VSWR-Value  1.15+0.02f(GHz) For RG316/U1.06+0.01f(GHz) For RG405U

Insertion loss  0.030× (GHz)

Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)  500 V / 50 Hz For RG58U/ ,375 V / 50 Hz For RG316/U

Insulation Resistance  ≥ 5000MΩ

Center Contact  ≤3mΩ

Outer Contact  ≤2.5mΩ

Mechanical Characteristics

Latch retention force  ≥300N

Mating Cycles  ≥500cycles


WorkingTemperature Range

-55°Cup to +165°C

Relative Humidity

MIL-STD-202,method 106


MIL-STD-202,method 213


MIL-STD-202,method 101