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2024-06-14 Friday
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Optical Fiber Splitter 1x5-FBT
Optical Fiber Splitter 1x5-FBT

Product Name:

Optical Fiber Splitter 1x5-FBT

Product Details

FBT fused fiber Splitters are used widely for its lower total cost.  There are single window, dual window and triple window types, with various kinds of fiber connectors for option.

They are highly stable for multi-port optical signal splitting with low insertion loss. All devices are tested according to industry standard test procedures to ensure the components performance.
The components designed to divide or combine optical signal in optical fiber system and these devices are fabricated by using the fused biconical taper process and are reliable over wide range of temperature.

The coupling ratio can change from 1:99 to 50:50, it can have NXN version. To meet the working enviromment, various packaging and configuration are available.

Stainless tube package with 0.9mm cable, standard alone package or in standard 19" Rack with fiber cable 2.0mm and 3.0mm for option


- FTTH                   
- Optical Fiber communication Systems
- Local Ring Net            
- Optical Fiber Test Equipment
- Passive Optical Networks    
- Optical Fiber Sensor
- Optical Fiber CATV        

- Low insertion loss
- High directivity
- Good stability and reliability
- Excellent polarization insensitivity
- Flexible packaging
- Operating wavelength: 1,310nm or 1,550nm, and other wavelength is available on requests
- Coupling ratio: 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, and customized ratios are available
- FC, SC, ST , LC, LC/APC, SC/APC, MU and FC/APC fiber optic connectors are available