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2022-07-08 Friday
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Add:3 Floor,Building A,Tangtou Industry Park,Shiyan Town,BaoAn District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

Location: Home » Products » 10/100M PoE(PSE) Media Converter

10/100M PoE(PSE) Media Converter
10/100M PoE(PSE) Media Converter

Product Name:

10/100M PoE(PSE) Media Converter

Product Details

POE media converter 10/100M allows two typs of network segment to be connected easily.

powered by POE media converter is a power sourcing equiment(PSE) combining data transfered over a fiber optic link with 48V(or other voltage) power supply. it provides power to IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3af powered device(PD) over length upto 100m CAT5/ CAT5e UTP cable.

The converter includes a single port PSE controller, which offers PD singature sening and power monitoring features.

-10/100Base-TX UTP to 100Base-FX fiber media convertion
-IEEE802.3at / IEEE802.3af PoE PSE compatible
-Built-in AC/DC power supply
-Over-current protection
-choice of SC, BiDi or other connectors for multimode and singlemode
-DIP switch to set different configurations
-LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) support 

Data Rates : 10/100Mbp(802.3 10Base-T/802.3u 100Base -T),-100Mbps (100Base-Fx)

Input Power Requirements:

--Input voltage: 100VAC to 240 VAC

--Input frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz

Power over Ethernet Output:

-Pin Assignment and Polarity

For IEEE802.3af standard:  4/5 (V+),7/8 (V-) (default)  or 1/2(V+),3/6(V-) (optional)
For IEEE802.3at standard (30Watts maximum):4/5 (V+),7/8 (V-) (default) or 1/2(V+),3/6(V-) (optional)

For IEEE802.3at standard (50Watts maximum): 1/2/4/5 (V+),3/6/7/8 (V-) (default)

-- Output Power: refer to ordering information

-- Efficiency : 75% min
-- Short circuit protection: auto recovery
- Over current protection: auto recovery
Environmental Conditions:
- Operating temperature : 0℃ to 50℃
- Cooling : free air convection
- Storage temperature: -20℃ to +85℃
- Operating Humidity: 90% max, non-condensing

Order Information for POE products

Data Rate:100M and 1000M


1: 0.35A/15.4W