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2024-07-18 Thursday
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Fiber Optic Patch Panel supplier

Edit:admin   Read:664   Date:2013-04-02

Fiber optic patch panel is widely using in networks and it is an integrate unit for fiber management, we are supplying a various kinds of Fiber Optic Patch Panels, such as wall mounted, rack mounted. These equipment functions to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection.

Our wall mounted fiber patch panels accommodate up to 8 modular panels and is equipped with routing guides to limit bend radius and enhance strain-relief control. The 16-gauge steel with corrosion-resistant black powder finish coat housing provides excellent protection for the inside fibers. Wall-mount available unloaded, as well as having the capability to become a full-splice enclosure with mechanical termination. A large variety of connector adapters are offered to meet your specific requirements. Such as LC, FC, ST, SC, etc, we can also pre-install a various kinds of fiber optic pigtails inside the patch panel.

As an over 7 years fiber optic patch panel supplier, we offer all our customers a series of changeable inside panels to fit for different kinds of the adapter interface, and fit for both round and ribbon fiber optic cables. Our rack mounted fiber patch panels can be drawer type or economic type without draw design.For more details,please contact with us freely.