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2022-07-07 Thursday
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To Choose A Fiber Converter

Edit:admin   Read:507   Date:2014-01-02

1. Software Protocol Converters
2. Hardware Protocol Converters

Some of the most popular industrial automation protocols are DF-1, CAN (Controller Area Network), RS232 converter, RS422 converter, Control Net, Device Net, Host Link Protocol, Profibus, Mod bus, Honeywell SDS, HART Protocol, Ether Net/IP etc. And some Industrial control system protocols like MT Connect, OPC, OPC UA. Select the converter that best matches your application and communication setup, keeping in mind three key features:

Number of connections—some converters support single connections, while others provide as many as 32 multiple connections with multiple serial ports.

Baud rate—we have seen converters with baud rates as high as 921kbaud. Converters with lower baud rates are less expensive, but their performance is slower.

Connectivity protocol—the converter must support the protocol used by your network, either TTL serial, RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485.

Consider the number of connections, baud rate and connectivity protocol, you can finally buy a protocol converter meet your applications.
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