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2024-05-22 Wednesday
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LC-LC Fiber Optic Ruggedised Patch Cord
LC-LC Fiber Optic Ruggedised Patch Cord

Product Name:

LC-LC Fiber Optic Ruggedised Patch Cord

Product Details

We supply ruggedized patch cord which used directly in different harsh enviroment without addtional protection. The double out jacket prevents fiber cable from damage and it improves stability. Just like other Patch Cords, Simplex and Duplex patch cords are available.

This is a duplex patch cords with an additional LSZH sheath providing durability and stiffness to avoid kinking.

-Low insertion loss and high return loss 
-Good exchangeability
-sm/mm cables type 
-FC, LC, SC, MU, ST, MTRJ, with PC, APC polishing Optional
-Polishing: PC, UPC
-Meets IEC standard

Telecommunication networks
Fiber optic communication networks
CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, Test &Measurement
Military industry
Optical access network